ABC Reading Eggs here we come!

Through our Home Education Association (HEA) membership we received a 40% discount off the full amount for a combined subscription to ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds. Subscription discounts for HEA members are definitely worth checking out, they have some pretty sweet deals.

The five pillars of reading – phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

We started our ABC Learning with the placement test for ABC Reading Eggs Ages 3-7.

ABC Reading Eggs

First up we had to negotiate the idea of a test. A situation where Erica may not get the right answers but would need to push on anyway. Something Erica doesn’t like to do, she is very much the perfectionist.

We chatted about it not being about getting everything correct. It was simply about getting to know what Erica already knew and where she was ready to learn next. This seemed to sit ok with Erica and she started the exercises.

ABC Reading Eggs

Upon completion of the placement test, Erica was to begin on Map 2 Lesson 11. She was pretty chuffed she got to skip the whole of Map 1.

Excitement also struck once Erica realise she’d actually already started to learn to read on her own and didn’t need to start at the beginning.

Erica really loves the idea of being self taught in everything she does, but she is also very good at telling herself she cannot do something and believing it. It’s amazing watching her reactions once she realises she can in fact do something that she has been telling herself she cannot. Virgo kids are really tough on themselves!

ABC Reading Eggs

I’m loving the fact that ABC Reading Eggs is developed by a team of Australian primary educators with 30+ years teaching experience, so I can be assured Erica is learning Australian English. I’m also loving the detailed progress reports and additional resources that correspond with the lessons in the program.

ABC Reading Eggs Progress Report

It’s also pretty cool that Erica can work at her own pace, feel in control of her own learn to read journey and have fun in doing so. She is really loving the interface, we have it setup on her computer and iPad so it is accessible whenever the urge takes her.

ABC Reading Eggs Map 2

Keep and eye out for further ABC Learning updates.