In August of 2011 I started an online diary with the simple vision of creating a small space on the web where we could share with our family and friends our weekly adventures as we went from being just the 2 of us (my husband and I) to a family of 3 and beyond!

We also wanted a place to store interesting tidbits about our lives and to preserve the things in life we tend to forget over time. We wanted something to give to our daughter, a journal of sorts, something we could pass down, a snap shot into our life and what it was like in our time.

I have enjoyed the process of writing immensely. It has been an invaluable tool in my transition into motherhood, helping me work through and understand a lot about myself and the people around me. So much of my energy is wrapped up in these pages, so much of my family essence has been preserved here, and I want it to live on and continue to assist us as we enter the next chapter of our lives.

I hope you enjoy following along on our little adventures and life as we know it.

Cheers, Shelle Wallis aka Mumma at Wally Three!