Birth & Parenting Antenatal Course

Birth & Parenting Antenatal Course
Birth & Parenting Antenatal Course

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4 Responses

  1. Belinda says:

    Awesome! Hope you get to deliver in that lovely birthing centre too :) I’m sure you will get the birth you want – you are very tuned into your body and that will help a lot during labour for you. xx

    • Thanks Bel xx
      Figure it is kinda like getting waxed or getting a tattoo, once I have gotten over the hurdle of the initial feeling of the unknown pain, I can identify with the sensation and am able to cope with it, that is my plan anyway:) And hey, there are many before me who have managed it!

      • Melissa says:

        Hello Shelley Belley!!

        The page looks awesome. I am cheeting and looking up all your links so I can remember what to do!!!
        All memories of the birth of Master Robert has miraculously dissapeared…. All i can remember is Mitch cutting the cord, must be y i’m going for round 2.
        I got to stay in the birthing suite the whole time (even though I ended up having an epidural) so I’m 99% sure you will be able to stay where your most comfortable – the suite.
        Very very exciting, counting down in DAYS now not weeks… Must mean its super close!
        I think we (you me bobby) all went passed out due date so perhaps you may have to wait one or two days longer that your date:(

  2. Hello Lissy Loo :)

    Thanks, and cheat away! I am sure you will be getting the 3am calls for help from me, so any help I can give you now is payment in advance :D

    They do not actually do epidurals in the birthing suites here, I would have to be wheeled down the corridor to one of the delivery rooms, so very determined not to need one! All good, have a nice big bath and shower in the birthing suite to take advantage of ;)

    Yeah, my instincts tell me she will not come early too, but thinking within her EDD week though as everything else has been pretty spot on so far! Although, if she does take after me, she could be 10 days late :O Maybe she will be born on AFL Grand Final day like me, now that would be cool!

    Any yes, very exciting times for us both xx