This morning Glen told me that he had a dream that MissE had teeth! Cool we thought, maybe she will get teeth for her first birthday we joked and then did not think anymore of it until…

We were sitting in the car yard office waiting to see the finance person (that is another story!) and I decided to share a banana with MissE to keep us going until lunch. As she took a piece of banana from my fingers I felt something sharp from her bottom gum 😮

I looked at Glen in shock and said something just scraped my finger! So Glen then fed MissE some banana too so he could check out her bottom gum and sure enough he felt it too. We can see a little tooth at the bottom in the middle finally coming through, woohoo!

Then it dawned on us that Glen had mentioned he had a dream the night before where MissE just looked at us and smiled and she had teeth, how bizarre is that?!

It is not the first time little MissE has visited one of us in our dreams, nor is it the first time Glen and I have recalled sharing dreams. Seems the power of three is there, stronger than ever ♥

So back to the teeth … will keep a close eye on those gums, but looks like MissE is getting teeth for her first birthday after all 🙂