Today it was time for the little white MacBook at-home service. Erica was so fascinated to see what was under the keyboard, she jumped at the chance to be Dadda’s technical assistant.

We are so fortunate that the Dadda has previously worked as a computer technician. He’s able to¬†service and repair all of our computers, especially now they are all out of warranty.

It’s also fantastic that Erica gets hands-on experience at home learning all about computers from the inside out.

MacBook at-home service

First the battery came out, then the back cover. Once the back cover was off there were loads of what’s that¬†and what does that do questions!

MacBook at-home service

Then it was time to trouble shoot why the CD drive had not been working. The Dadda made sure he said out loud the steps he was taking and why, so Erica had the opportunity to follow along and ask any questions she may have.

MacBook at-home service

And guess what? They fixed the problem, the old girl is still running perfectly, CD drive and all! The little white MacBook is turning out to be the perfect first computer for Erica.

Just putting it out there … I predict in the future, these two will embark on a build a computer project together. That would be so much fun!