Mazda 2 Road Trip

This weekend we took a spin up the coast to visit family and take our new little Mazda 2 for a good run!

On Thursday afternoon we picked up our new Mazda 2 Neo and said good-bye to our little MX-5. It was very sad to have to let go of the MX-5, and I did shed a few tears, but I have to say, we have chosen another great little car in the Mazda 2, it is a little pocket rocket in disguise!

Mazda 2 Adventure w34d6

It had no trouble out on the open road, and will be a great little zippy city car. It has heaps of room, and not once did we feel like we were driving a little car as such, there is heaps of room, it really is a deceptacon! It is extremely quiet, much more comfortable than the sports car ride, and best of all, it is a great car for Chicken Little and Shelle Little 🙂 Not long now!

Published 21 August 2011