Pregnancy check-up with midwife

week 33 day 3

w33d3 today and Chicken Little and I had an appointment with our midwife this morning and as per our previous visits, everything is normal and average, yay!

We have been seeing a student midwife by the name of Rebecca at the Midwifery Clinic and she is fantastic. We have only been seeing her once a month up until now, but it is now time to ramp things up a notch and will be going every fortnight from now until Chicken Little arrives 🙂

Chicken Little tends to be a bit cheeky at these appointments and has a habit of kicking and hiding from Rebecca, which we all find very cute, and today was no exception!

This visit my fundal height measured 33cm which is spot on for 33 weeks, so that means, as a general rule, Chicken Little is growing at the rate she is expected to. But to begin with Chicken Little was playing hide and go seek and it was hard to get a correct measurement. So we listened to Chicken Little’s heart beat next, and all good there, and from this she moved into a better position, as she was trying to be cheeky and hide from the Doppler, and we were able to get a good measurement for the fundal height. See, cheeky!

My blood pressure was 125/70, which is within my normal range, so nothing to worry about there.

I am off to get some bloods in the next week to check my iron levels, but not expecting them to be low, just standard tests for this stage of a pregnancy.

So all in all, we are both going well 🙂 x

Published 11 August 2011