Pregnancy check-up with midwife

week 35 day 3

w35d3 today and Chicken Little and I headed to the Midwifery Clinic to see Rebecca for a check up, and we are happy to report that all is sweet with us both 🙂

This visit my fundal height measured 34cm which is a little under for 35 weeks, but in true cheeky Chicken Little style she was curled up in a ball, so it was hard to get a good measurement! Rebecca had a good feel around for me and helped point out to me where Chicken Little was and how to tell. During our visit her head was down, with her shoulders at the base of my pelvis area. Her back is the hardness I have been feeling, and some of you have been seeing move, near my belly button! With her bottom just above my belly button on the right hand side. Her legs and feet curled up down the right hand side of my body. So it seems she still loves being curled up like a little possum, very cute don’t you think?!

We listened to Chicken Little’s heart beat next, it ranged between 140-150 bpm, Rebecca said that is a very healthy range, so all good there.

My blood pressure was 128/72, which is around the same as my last visit and within my normal range, so nothing to worry about there.

I got the results back from the blood tests checking my iron levels, and they are perfect, so no need for any supplements, we are both getting all we need.

I was tested for Group B Strep (GBS), that was an interesting experience! Without going into too much detail, the swab is a long cotton bud and is placed about 2 to 3 centimetres inside the vagina and in the rectum, so off to the toilet I went to try and negotiate my way around myself and perform the swab! Managed it, but laughed at myself, was not as easy as I thought it was going to be to reach! Will get the results at my next appointment.

As everything is progressing well we do not have to go back for another fortnight, but from then on we will start going weekly.

Published 25 August 2011