If your birthday is between 23 August and 23 September, you’re a Virgo kid!

One of Erica’s favourite books is an astrology book her Nanna gave her for Christmas a few years ago called Kids Astrology: Virgo by Australian author Camilla Gracanin.

Virgo Kid

It is amazing how accurate the following points from the book are!

Kids with a Virgo star sign are highly intelligent and work hard to get the job done, right down to the last detail.

Virgo kids like everything they do to be perfect, and put a lot of pressure on themselves. Sometimes they need to be reminded that it is okay to make a mistake!

Virgo kids are fussy and have very high standards. They know what they like and what they don’t like.

Virgo kids like their family life to be calm and quiet. They’re gentle and honest, and need lots of affection.

We also found it very interesting to learn that as a little girl Camilla Gracanin struggled to read and was unable to feel any satisfaction in reading books. That was until she discovered ‘Star Sign’ books, the first being Linda Goodman’s. Camilla apparently used to keep this book under her bed and once she met an interesting person she would try understanding their character.

Erica has treated Camilla’s Kids Astrology book in a very similar fashion. It’s one of her most treasured possessions, even to this day. Its provided Erica with an interest in astrology. Set her on a path of discovering more about herself and others around her. Erica loves asking when people are born and learning what zodiac signs they are. Keenly explaining about astrology and the zodiac signs.

This interest in the zodiac signs led us to Jonathan Cainer. We found his take on our little Virgo kid just as intriguing:

Erica has come to this earth with a mission to carry out. She is here to change the world around her, to help others rethink their priorities – and to make a lasting impression on all who ever meet her. She is not here, though, to make a fuss or demand attention. Erica has a much subtler way of working. Erica likes to interact with people one at a time, quietly and calmly. She likes to befriend them, ask them questions, absorb their point of view … and then discreetly suggest smart little ideas that stop them in their tracks!

She’s not going to wait till she’s grown up before she begins this process. She’s not even, necessarily going to wait until she can talk. Or walk. She’s going to listen carefully and watch intently from the moment she draws her first breath… and she’s going to reflect back a kind of quizzical attitude that causes her parents to put aside their ideas about how to bring up children, her teachers to reconsider all they learned at college … and her friends to be very glad that they have found the company of such an interesting and different character.

Erica is rarely going to be antagonistic or confrontational. She works through reason, through trust, through communication and through ‘play’. But Erica is never going to accept that things are as they are because there’s no other way they can be. Gently but firmly, she’s going to keep on pushing the envelope, stretching the boundary and coaxing the chaotic world around her to recognise its own shortcomings … and start exploring more sensible alternative policies.

That’s our girl alright!

What zodiac sign are you?