My Story

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved to write, not just to tell a story, communicate or record history, but I also love the actual creative process and art of writing.

When I was younger I entered handwriting competitions, as well as short story competitions, and often won prizes, but I never actually followed this passion past my primary school years.

My ability to grasp the english language was not strong, and I soon lost interest in writing due to many critiques of my spelling and grammatical errors. The fun and love of writing I once had soon was replaced with the fear of being laughed at and teased for my errors and inability to grasp what others around me seemed to grasp easily. Instead I hid my love for writing so the focus was off my weaknesses and focused on my sports, which I was good at!

It was not until I followed my creative passions and love for technology later in life and found myself working in Local Government, focusing on web design, accessibility, usability and marketing of online content, that my interest in writing and language was ignited once again.

Upon becoming pregnant with our daughter in 2011 I decided to setup an online journal to share with our family and friends our weekly adventures as we went from being just the 2 of us to a family of 3. I wanted a place to store interesting tidbits about our lives and to preserve the things in life we tend to forget over time. Something to give to our daughter, a journal of sorts, something we could pass down, a snap shot into our life and what it was like in our time.

I have enjoyed the process of writing immensely since the birth of Wally Three in 2011. It not only fostered a renewed passion for writing, learning and gaining self confidence, it has been an invaluable tool in my transition into motherhood, helping me work through and understand a lot about myself and the people around me.

So much of my energy is wrapped up in these pages, so much of my family essence has been preserved here, and I want it to live on and continue to assist us as we enter the next chapter of our lives.

The Next Chapter

We have found ourselves at a fork in the road and after much thought and discussion we have settled on heading down the homeschooling road. As such, Wally Three is now evolving into more than a weekly journal to share our lives with family and friends. We’ll cover what led us to home schooling and follow our homeschooling journey from the beginning as we prepare for our new direction.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing this new chapter with you all and taking my blogging even further!

Published 15 February 2016